Villa Kudus’ manager is responsible for the overall operation of the villa, and will be happy to assist with anything you may need during your stay.
Our in-house Chef is well versed in both Asian and Western cuisine and will be available to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner when required. Our Chef will be happy to work with you to plan your menu, and to discuss any special dietary requirements you may have.
A housekeeper attends daily to all cleaning and tidying requirements at Villa Kudus and will also assist at mealtimes.
Gardener/pool attendant
The gardens and pool at Villa Kudus are tended to three times per week.
Spa staff/masseuse
Off-site, fully trained spa staff will visit the villa on request to provide a range of spa and massage treatments.
Security and Privacy
Villa Kudus is kept safe and secure by its local security staff and is located on a semi-private driveaway just off the beach.